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Floor Plan

Floor Plan

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Site Map (for outdoor pitches)

Main Marquee

Amphitheatre Marquee

Stage Marquee

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Site Map (for outdoor pitches)


Stall Saturday Sunday
U1 Yaoh Yaoh
U2 Bun Bun
U3 Vegan Life Magazine Vegan Life Magazine
U4 Va Va Vegan Va Va Vegan
U5 Flavors of Africa Flavors of Africa
U6 Legs4Africa Legs4Africa
U7 Farmacy Juice Bar Farmacy Juice Bar
U8 Greek Vegan Deli Greek Vegan Deli
U9 Mr Scrumpy Mr Scrumpy
U10 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
U11 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
U12 Ice Green Ice Green
U13 Happy Maki Happy Maki
U15 Stage Stage
U16 La Buenaventura
U17 Spice Up Your Life Spice Up Your Life
U18 Pet Respect Pet Respect
U19 Jaz & Jul's Jaz & Jul's
U20 No Horsing Around No Horsing Around
U21 Nelly's Barn Nelly's Barn
U22 World Food World Food
U23 Simply Coco Simply Coco
U24 Feral Food Store Feral Food Store
U25 The Hippy Chippy The Hippy Chippy
U26 Churrromania Churrromania
U27 The Creperie The Creperie

U32 Booja Booja Tuk Tuk Booja Booja Tuk Tuk
U33 Hummingbirds Hummingbirds
U34 Spanish Homemade Spanish Homemade
U35 De fruit Bar De fruit Bar
U36 A Taste of Thailand A Taste of Thailand
U37 St Best Caribbean  St Best Caribbean 
U38 Holy Moly Macaroni Holy Moly Macaroni
U39 Yellow Turban Thali Yellow Turban Thali
U40 Good Full Stop Good Full Stop
U41 The Nude Spoon The Nude Spoon
U42 Vintage Doris Vintage Doris
U43 Global Fusion Global Fusion
Coffee Stall Super Deluxe Coffee Company Super Deluxe Coffee Company
BAR 1 Pimms Bar Pimms Bar
BAR 2 (Pitfields Brewery) (Pitfields Brewery)
BAR 3 Origami Can Bar Origami Can Bar
BAR 4 Origami Can Bar Origami Can Bar
BAR 5 St Best Rum Bar St Best Rum Bar


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Stall Saturday Sunday
M1 Bute Island Bute Island
M2 Bute Island Bute Island
M3 Bute Island Bute Island
M4 Perkier Foods Perkier Foods
M5 Ananda's Marshmallows Ananda's Marshmallows
M6 Butcherless Butcherless
M8 OptiBac Probiotics OptiBac Probiotics
M9 Thamon London Thamon London
M10 Natural Balance Foods Natural Balance Foods
M11 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
M12 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
M13 Sweet Revolution Sweet Revolution
M14 Living Beings Living Beings
M15 Animal Aid Animal Aid
M16 Animal Aid Animal Aid
M17 Free From Italy Free From Italy
M18 Animal Equailty Animal Equailty
M19 Zendegii Frill Zendegii Frill
M20 Pure Maple Pure Maple
M21 Ethics and Antics Ethics and Antics
M22 The Coconut Collaborative The Coconut Collaborative
M23 Vegan Living Magazine Vegan Living Magazine
M24 The Organic Spirits Co The Organic Spirits Co
M25 Jason Jason
M26 Jason Jason
M27 Jason Jason
M28 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
M29 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
M30 New Internationalist New Internationalist
M31 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
M32 Mei's Homemade Quality Sauces

Mei's Homemade Quality Sauces

M33 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
M34 Pulsin' Pulsin'
M35 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
M36 Harper's Bizarre Candles Harper's Bizarre Candles
M37 TeenVGN TeenVGN
M38 Dark Matters Brownies Dark Matters Brownies
M39 Elspeth's Kitchen Elspeth's Kitchen

M40 Fabrikk LLP Fabrikk LLP
M41 theVegWays theVegWays
M42 Yourtonic Yourtonic 
M43 Raw Food Rosie's Raw Food Rosie's
M44 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
M45 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
M46 Living Naturally Soapnut Apothecary Living Naturally 
M47 Mouse's Favourite Forage & Find
M48 Cindy's Tea Cindy's Tea
M49 Liberty Loves Liberty Loves
M50 Adam's Raw Chocolate Adam's Raw Chocolate
M51 Cats Protection Helpline Cats Protection Helpline
M52 Neek Skin Organics Australia Neek Skin Organics Australia
M53 Population Matters Population Matters
M54 Tofuture Tofuture
M55 Fit Pit Deodorant Fit Pit Deodorant
M56 Follow Your Heart UK  Follow Your Heart UK 
M57 Paguro Upcycle Paguro Upcycle
M58 Create & Case Create & Case
M59 (Essential) (Essential)


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Amphitheatre Marquee


Stall Saturday Sunday
A1 Chiaralascura Chiaralascura
A2 Chiaralascura Chiaralascura
A3 Bug Bug
A4 Mr Hughs Mr Hughs


A7 Forced to be Fussy Forced to be Fussy
A8 Animal Free Research UK (Dr Hadwen Trust) Animal Free Research UK (Dr Hadwen Trust)
A9 Moist Moist










A19 Ringana Ringana


A22 The Clay Cure
A23 Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen
A24 The College of Naturopathic Medicine The College of Naturopathic Medicine

A26 Avon Wildlife Trust Avon Wildlife Trust
A27 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
A28 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London

A30 Mabboo Limited Mabboo Limited
A31 Mabboo Limited Mabboo Limited
A32 Plant Based Clothing Plant Based Clothing
A33 Hunt Sabs Hunt Sabs
A34 Jethro's Sauces Jethro's Sauces
A35 Natures Finest Juices



A39 Agharta Jewellery Agharta Jewellery
A40 Vemand Vemand
A41 Mr Nice Pie Mr Nice Pie
A42 Iuvo Skincare Iuvo Skincare
A43 Sunita Foods Sunita Foods



A47 Valentte London Valentte London
A48 Valentte London Valentte London


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Stage Marquee


Stall Saturday Sunday
S1 Hunt Investigation Team Hunt Investigation Team
S2 Bristol Animal Save Bristol Animal Save
S3 Baan Unrak Thai Animal Sanctuary Baan Unrak 
S4 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
S5 Viva! Viva!
S6 Viva! Viva!
S7 Simply Naturals Simply Naturals
S8 College of Alkaline Nutrition College of Alkaline Nutrition
S9 VeganAge VeganAge
S10 Bristol Dog School Bristol Dog School
S11 Animal allies
S12 Vegan Deviant Vegan Deviant
S13 Vegan Deviant Vegan Deviant
S14 Hugletts Wood  Animal Sanctuary Hugletts Wood
S15 Hugletts Wood  Hugletts Wood 
S16 Corston Fields Farm Partnership Corston Fields Farm Partnership
S17 Hempish Hempish
S18 Hempish Hempish
S19 Kebele Infoshop Kebele Infoshop
S20 Go with the Fro Go with the Fro
S21 Jade Green Vegan Jade Green Vegan
S22 Freet Footwear Freet Footwear
S23 Lincoln's Lunchbox Lincoln's Lunchbox
S24 Greek Animal Rescue Greek Animal Rescue
S25 Greek Animal Rescue Greek Animal Rescue
S26 Naturally Smart Skincare Naturally Smart Skincare
S27 Shri Ram Chandra Mission UK Shri Ram Chandra Mission UK
S28 Hannibal Brown Hannibal Brown
S29 Mels Kindness Kitchen Mels Kindness Kitchen
S30 Arbonne Arbonne
S31 doTerra doTerra
S32 Ethicoco Clean & Natural 
S33 Greenscents Greenscents
S34 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
S35 Scoff Sweets Scoff Sweets
S36 Laura Zabo Laura Zabo
S37 Hun Foods Hun Foods
S38 All Creatures Great and Small All Creatures Great and Small
S39 BodyMe BodyMe
S40 Aim2Be (Forever Living) Aim2Be (Forever Living)
S42 The Raw Chocolate Pie Company The Raw Chocolate Pie Company
S43 Acai & Co Acai & Co
S44 Afrayedknot Afrayedknot
S45 Feed the Soul Feed the Soul
S46 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven


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